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No smart phones,
internet or social media,
landlines were all that was,
but letters our mode of communication.
The best part of coming back from school
was throwing away uniforms
and heading out to meet friends.
On a rainy day we’d run and play;
drenching ourselves
and cycling through the road
splashing as many waters as we can.
Creative we were,
as we made the best use of sticks and stones.
Those were simpler days,
uncomplicated times where we could
enjoy each other’s company
with no phones in between,
moments where we laughed and had fun,
with no captions needed.

The introvert writer © 2021

Published by

Daphny Aqua

A passionate writer who pours out her heart in her writtings.

43 thoughts on “SIMPLER DAYS”

  1. Such a beautiful memory of the past. Oh those… those were the good golden days… life was way simpler and living it was fun every step of the way. Today, new technology has turn joyful conversations into doom. You can bring up a nice conversation with a friend but they simply botch it up cause they’re replying to a text on phone or going through Facebook or their photo gallery. Kids spend much time in front of big screens rather playing outside and making fun with friends. There’s indeed a huge change in our society and, yet still, there will be. I love the fresh old memories. ❤💥

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    1. Yes the world is much ahead now and it’s not a bad thing but as you said kids spend too much time on big screen and they are missing out a kids life. I do hope we can balance it all out someday. ❤️
      Nothing better than those good old days. 😊❣️

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  2. Absolutely true. But at this new tech advancement rate, I doubt whether the past will ever be relived even for a moment. But about children playing with their fellows, it’s upto parents to decide. Kids can be controlled, but only if parents cooperate. After all, you can’t send your kid out to play when his playmates are stuck indoor, watching all day long 😅

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    1. Yeah there’s highly any chances to re-live those days.
      🤣 That’s not wrong at all, guess even as a parent at times it is much easier to just keep them infront of the big screen so they can finish up their works.


  3. How beautifully true this is, Daphny. Reminds me of so many times as a child. I also love that you spoke to the creativity that blooms when we leave distractions aside, and just play. Beautiful poem, my dear friend. 💖💖

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  4. So true & really past simpler day momeriy. Very nice share you past living life & childhood. So amazing written in words. I like. Lovely write Daphny thanks🌷👌

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  5. “Moments where we laughed and had fun,

    with no captions needed.” Aww this is just a perfectly beautiful finish. This poem is so nostalgic and extremely masterfully penned. The imagery is so so vivid the emotions expressed were almost palpable. You did a GREAT job with this poem, my friend.

    I thought you’re only about my age. But “simpler days” would mean you were born in the late 90s 😬 (or 2000 at best).

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