Book review part 1/2

Hi all! Hope your week was a good one, I’m back with more book reviews and this are all part of writing challenge by The Little Hubooktique as well and they all consist of either 31 poems, prose or short stories.

  1. Desiderium by Ananya Chakraborty (4.7/5)

Desiderium is poetry book containing 31 poetries each very unique on their own and each with different emotions which makes you connect to it, feels like your walking down the author’s life side by side through out the book. Some of my favorites are “Goodbye” the pain, betrayal and hurt captured here was simply on point, so much relatable as well; “Train lines” gives us a peak of the authors life in her City and it was such fun to read, “Miles of friendship” takes me back to my childhood, good old days and good old times. This book is very refreshing to read, I’ll rate it 4.7/5 and I’m sure you’ll love reading it as much as I did.

2. Everything but nothing by Himanshu Singh (4.9/5)

In the preface of this book the author wrote “You will not read poetry in this book; you will not learn anything; this book is me playing hide and seek with myself.” but I have to disagree with him, this book is poetry in its simplest and best form, one you read at ease and nod along, it’s filled with layers of emotions through out and I personally learned so much about life more than before although the author specifies that life is not a lesson but a never-ending journey. I’d rate this book 4.9/5 and trust me you’ll love reading through this one.

3. A few milestones I left behind by Kriss Venugopal (5/5)

When I first heard the name of this book I don’t know why it reminded me so much of Robert Frost and I’ve been so much looking forward to read it, although I’m little disappointed that its not a poetry book which was I was hopping for but the author has brilliantly written 31 short stories about a couple and their journey in life, felt like I am reading the journey of the author and the mile stones he left behind along the way. In every chapter there are bits and pieces of his life, his journeys, success and failures, memories, emotions and heart breaks. I loved reading through each story as they all hold a story of what the couples went through together and the positivity with which it ends . In the end note there’s something that struck my mind which was, “No one knows the meaning of love for love is never mean; I know now beyond the world and the life is lives love is a feeling! warmth, it always give…” Over all I’ll rate this book 5/5 as it is a brilliant read and I am 100% sure you’ll love reading it, apart from being a writer, the author is also an actor with one of his movies releasing very soon. Best wishes to you kriss Sir.

4. POV of a Juvenescence by Aishnee Porwal (4.7/5)

This 31 collection of poetry book is an emotional roller coaster with lots of though provoking topics like “The inhumane humanity” and “I’m the protagonist of this story” while “She” is quite a powerful one with a great lesson to learn in it. Every words used by the author is honest and raw making it so much easier to connect. I’ll rate this book 4.7/5 and yes you won’t regret reading this for sure.

5. भावनाओं का घराना meaning house of emotions by Anushka Panda (4.7/5)

This is a collection of 31 poems where the author writes these amazing poetry filled with emotions, the name of the book itself is called house of emotions and I think she did justice to it. Her writings will touch your heart you will feel every emotions with which she’s written them. I will rate this book 4.7/5 and would recommend this to only those who can read Hindi language as it is written in Hindi from start to end.

6. Dear Girl by Nikhil S Mane (4.8/5)

“Dear girl” is basically letters to an ex girlfriend where the author expresses his deep emotions, questioning her to find some answers, looking back trying to figure out what he did wrong that made her leave and loosing hope in love but as he went on writing those letters I think somewhere along the line he had forgiven her and let go of her, as I kept on reading he finally found someone who captured his heart once more, he married her and became a father as well; in his final chapter “Goodbye” he write of his happiness with his wife and little girl; finally he bids goodbye to the girl in the past looking forward to his future with them. I think it truly is a beautiful one to read and I’ll rate it 4.8/5, if you are a romantic at heart this is definitely one for you to read.

7. Chapters unleased by Afroza Sultana (4.9/5)

Chapters unleashed consist of 31 different short stories and each of them filled with lessons to learn. I really loved “A letter to Ruskin Bond” guess it is the dream of every writer to meet him and to learn from him and “Here I go on my way” I loved the fact that Roshni found her passion and moved on from her past to focus on greater things in store for her, I find it somewhat relatable. The use of “Boomerang” is quite clever as well, as you read this on you’ll find yourself unleashing the chapters one by one. I’ll rate this book 4.9/5 and I truly hope you’ll read this one.

That is all for today, stay tuned as there’s some more on the way.

Note: This books are available at Amazon, Kindle, Google Books and Google Play

Happy readings 🙃

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