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I’ve forgiven,
but haven’t forgotten;
as the memories
sings tune of dark melodies,
of that day,
you went astray.
It hurt,
the way things turn;
I gave you my trust,
and you gushed it like a dust.
I tried to let go;
you left me in distress,
making me depressed.
Your betrayal was hard,
leaving me scarred,
as in you I kept my faith,
not knowing your real charade.

#Wishing you all a Happy Diwali as well ✨

The introvert writer © 2021

Published by

Daphny Aqua

A passionate writer who pours out her heart in her writtings.

32 thoughts on “SHATTERED”

  1. Forgiving is easy, forgetting is hard. The Late Maya Angelou who was a renowned American writer used to say if you forgive someone, it doesn’t mean you still wanna sit down and invite them to your table. It means “I’m done with you, you can go”. Because you still have to protect yourself from being hurt a second time by the same person. Betrayals are painful in all sorts of relationships. Thank God, you got over it. 🙌👏👏😇

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    1. She said it right, don’t want to be stuck in the middle of hatred and revenge. It’s best to forgive and let go for the sake of my own peace. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂💖💖💖

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