An asthmatic journey

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Hi all! Hope all is well with everyone here, sorry I had to disappear for quite a while as my health’s been taking a toll on me. As I’ve posted before I have a multiple allergy condition, I’ve been aware of it since I was a kid but unaware of its severity. So with already a history of asthma in my family and a bonus of me being allergic to so many things and finding it out so late led to a chronic infection in my lungs which eventually results to asthma.

During my 3rd year my allergies have somehow worsen up a bit, I also had chronic pharyngitis which exactly wasn’t helping my case, I started seeing an ENT doctor as throat pain, sneezing plus an unknown irritation in my nose have started which was making me breathless at times. After seeing the doc for about a year my condition still haven’t improved so I changed to another doc and finally I got some answers, he told me about my smell allergies and how I should avoid all scented things, take note of things I could and could not eat, never expose my body to cold, be it summer or winter never use cold water to bath, he also gave me nose sprays and kept me on meds, that time I was on 3 antibiotics a day and finally somehow things were under control for a while. For about 2 years I was going for my regular check ups I was totally fit and fine till one day I decided to buy peanut butter which I had no idea I was highly allergic to.

About aaprox 4 or 5 years ago my allergies started getting so much worst than usual so I did some blood test to find out what I was allergic to and it turns out so many of the things I’ve consumed daily over the years are many of those I shouldn’t have like peanut and for the past one month I was having peanut butter and bread for breakfast every morning. Good thing is that I got treated for that but the bad thing is that I found it out a little too late. It was that same year months latter I started having a hard time breathing, it feels like no air was coming my way or somehow the room was out of oxygen. I remember some nights I’d just sit up instead of lying down cos that way I could catch even a little bit of sleep.

It was around the time I was consulting a neurologist for my migraine and he was neuro med doctor so I told him about my breathing problem and they did a spirometry test on me and he gave me an inhaler for the first time, but that wasn’t working out for me. So mom took me to chest medicine and they did another spirometry test one me, there they detected an early traces of asthmatic symptoms and the doc told me that my lungs weren’t vast enough inhale the max air a person need to inhale so I’d need steroids to expand my lungs and help me breathe normally, since then steroids been helping me out. She made me take an Influenza vaccine every year to subside my fever a little cos having fever frequently is not good for my condition and it could make it worst. Things exactly didn’t work out with her either.

Last year a medical clinic sent me a friend request on Facebook, curious about it I look through the profile and saw the doc was a pulmonary specialist, he was an assistant professor at the hospital one of my childhood friend passed out his MBBS in so I called him up and asked details about him. After many research I finally went to him and he was a God sent for me cos finally there was someone answering me questions for my conditions, giving me proper medical advice, telling me the do’s and don’ts.

Here’s how life is of an asthmatic person you’re not allowed to express any kinds of emotions fully be it sad or happy cos that will trigger your asthma, your not allowed to be cold, not allowed to be part of any physical activity that can trigger your asthma, you are allowed to do only a mild work out keeping in mind that you take your inhaler before you do so, take your inhaler with you everywhere you go, avoid everything you can’t eat, as long as you do all the above you are fit and fine, oh how can I forget, take your flu vaccination every once a year a pneumonia vaccination once every 5 years. I don’t mind the flu vaccine but I am so much dreading the pneumonia vaccine cos the last time I got that shot I had an acute asthma attack, a horrible one and then I had to laugh else my mom might end up having a panic attack seeing my condition.

The past one week I was having a series of asthma attack and with me when I get sick it’s always a combo pack so my pharyngitis followed right along with fever, body ache and right at that time there had to be a training for a new machine at our department, I was popping 2 antibiotics a day, using 3-4 puff of inhaler twice daily, staying at work from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM. Now I am slowly recovering, just the day before yesterday my pulse rate was 120/min but its improving now and I also got my flu vaccine so it will be okay. I’m taking it one day at a time.

I am extremely sorry I’ve missed out on all your beautiful post but I’ll slowly catch up on it and I’m reading each one of it for sure. Also dear Jeff I’ll do your review very soon, I’ve taken long enough sorry for that. 😌

At one point of time your heath will be your biggest challenge and because of it you might be disappointed in yourself a lot of times but that is one challenge you have to face and overcome in life, take good care of your health but don’t make it the reason to give up on your dreams. You’re talent and passion is far beyond a bad health, reach out to it, never let it hold you back.

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Wounds I healed (The poetry of strong women)

“Wounds I healed: The poetry of strong women” is an anthology by Gabriela Marie Milton which includes multiple talented authors and writers globally both man and women. My dearest friend Cindy Georgakas is one of the many amazing authors in this book and sometime after its launched she organized a giveaway for the same. Usually I am not a huge fan of taking part in giveaways cos I think it is simply too exhausting for me but for this book I had to cos I know it is an amazing book and it is worth all the troubles. Days later Cindy posted the winner of the giveaway and I was over the moon that I won, I shouted as quietly as I could cos it was already late at night and my family was already asleep. 😅

After sending her my details through mail and after many days of waiting, hoping the book gets delivered the book finally reached to me while I was at work, too excited I tore off the cover as fast as I could and my colleagues where just watching me, it always amuses them how much joy I get when receiving books. 😄

As I looked inside the book sweet Cindy left the cutest lil note for me and signed it which means so much to me, makes the book even more special for me.

Shout out to two of my amazing blogger friends Jeff Flesch and Jaya Avendel who are also part of this book.

I enjoyed reading through this book a lot and every author’s work were powerful and impactful, it speaks huge volume of women, the struggle they faced and how they emerge even stronger than before. Kudos to the entire team and yes we are women and we are powerful.

Also big congratulations on being the number one best seller on Amazon. ❤️

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Book review part 2/3

The book of dead: Can a book bring destruction? by Rohit Bhatia (5/5)

Book name: The book of dead

Author: Rohit Bhatia

Genre: Horror

Rating: 5/5

Rohit Bhatia is the founder of India’s fastest growing publication house “The Little Booktique Hub” and the founder of “The Writer’s Abode Publication”, also the Founder and CEO of the very 1st literary e-Newspaper “The Literary Newspaper”, publishing the news of the authors and writers grobally.

“The book of dead” is a horrifying journey of a little girl and her family and she along with her friend find a mysterious book at their school library and took it home, the plots were on point, I never could’ve asked for a better twist and the the story line was spot on. The moment I picked up to read this book, I really couldn’t get myself to put it down unless I was done with it so I stayed up the whole night reading it and my horror loving self is super satisfied by the spookiness of this book. The way it ends leaves you wanting for more and also gives you so many things to imagine about what would happen next. For all the horror lovers like me out there you won’t be disappointed reading this one cos I know a good horror book is really hard to find specially by an Indian author, for all the weak hearts out there I’d suggest you read it during day time with someone around you cos this book will surely give you a heart attack. On a scale of 1-10 this book is a solid 10 and I’d very much recommend you to read this one.

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What really is the truth?

This last few days got me thinking about so many things to a point I didn’t feel like doing anything at all, so tonight I stood outside for about an hour to clear my head and when I did I thought I’d pen down some of it here today.

The world is cruel we all know that, it’s a fact but what lies behind a person’s facade is what never cease to amaze me till date.

Have you ever been in a room with murder suspects? Well I have and it is an uneasy feeling, when you say murder suspects in back of your mind you expect people to look like a pure gangsters like they portray in movies but darn they are so well dressed and normal looking, that was it for me people are most definitely more scarer than ghost cos with ghost you already know what to expect, you know they’ll scare you and they always do.

Last night my curious self start googling about them, every news, every articles have different things to say, will we really the the ultimate truth? I don’t think we hardly will cos the truth is always hidden and the lies always feels like the truth.

Then there’s the blame game, people pointing fingers at the other; some people who can’t even mourn the death of their loved ones, why? Cos everyone is a suspect until proven innocent right? Won’t life be a lot easier if the blame game wasn’t there? Who am I kidding we all love to blame others now don’t we?

A friend of mine put up a status about a movie yesterday, I ask him and with his help downloaded it; I’m no good with torrent so and the movie was good, a bit slow but it was good. What made it great was how it ends, damn I felt like giving it a standing ovation haha… Well now that’s me exaggerating it. 😅 But the movie was good you should watch it for sure, oh yeah the movie name “Where the crawdads sing” I for one thought this was a promotional line for the movie but it turns out to be the name of it.

To conclude it, the world’s a cruel place to live in, never judge a book by it’s cover you never know which facade one puts up, we make the world a terrible place when it’s us that should make it a better one. We believe in lies more easily than the truth and we never think twice before putting a blame on someone.

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Book review part 2/2

Beyond senses by Kavita Verma (4.8/5)

Author: Kavita Verma

Genre: Poetry collection

Rating: 4.8/5

Beyond senses is a collection of 28 short poems which you can easily read in one go, the words the author used are simple, easy to understand and as she mentioned in her preface; straightforward which is one thing I really loved about it. The book is filled with various emotions of life from “Mothers grace” to “Freedom”, “Love” and “Mother’s womb”; one of my most favorite among it was “I’m aging, and I love it” because its not everyday that you see someone embrace ageing so gracefully. Through this book the author has taken me on a ride of the many emotions that are beyond all sense and I’d recommend you to read, it is relatable for all age group and as she defines herself with a quote “By bowing down, we rise” I nod along with a smile.

Do grab your copy of “Beyond senses” only on Amazon.

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Book review part 2/1

Life is like a dish by Hiba Khan (4.9/5)

Author: Hiba Khan

Genre: Short prose

Language: English

Rating: 4.9/5

The author Hiba Khan was a book reviewer before she debuted as an author and set her foot into the writing world, from reviewing people’s to holding her very own book in hand, she came a long way. Her book “Life is like a dish” is a collection of 31 short prose and in this she beautifully expressed her thoughts on life itself and how like a dish life takes turn. One of my most favorite was “A cockroach inspired me a lot” I like how her mind works in that one, it’s not everyday you read about a cockroach and get inspired but the author has managed to do so in that very chapter. “Me and my city Rampur” makes me want to visit that place and “Food is a way to my heart” I can see myself nodding along happily as I myself am a big foodie. All in all the book is filled with positivity and I ensure you’ll love reading it as well, so grab your copies soon only on Amazon, Kindle, Google Play or Google Books.

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“Write out loud” 😊

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I held on tight,
scared of letting go,
of changes that were to follow,
but was it worth all the fight?

I couldn’t leave,
yet I hated my stay,
thought we were a team meeting halfway,
who knew then what was up your sleeves.

Afraid of losing you
I started losing my identity,
but who will save me from this toxicity,
unless I was willing to start anew?

I let go my fears,
gathered my courage to say goodbye,
now my life I must detoxify,
drying up these tears by you over the years.

I now am free as a bird,
I’ve faced the worst now it’s time to fly,
to shine as brightly as the sun in the sky,
taking an exit as magnificent westward.

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There you are
staring at me yet again
with your dark brown eyes,
as I shyly looked your way,
that was how it all started
the story of us.
You never failed to keep me happy,
showering me with love,
pampering me with a rose each day,
you made my heart swell,
winning it over again.
Then one day
you went down your knees,
with a vow of “Till death do us part”
you and I, we were the dream team
till reality shook me up from dreamland,
‘YOU’ were just my delusion,
a hallucination that never existed.

“Write out loud”

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What is she born to?
Of bondage or peonage?
What is she born to?
To cook, to clean, only to bear a child?
What is she born to?
To be enslaved?
Why is she not given a choice?
Isn’t she as much human as him?
Why then is she bound with limitations,
of notion people holds?
Why is expectation of her high?
While he gets an easy pass.
Why is he to earn and she to sit at home?
Aren’t her dreams of any value?
Yet you strip it off her before it even started.
Why is she tied down, him free of what he pleases?
What is she born to?
If even a small freedom cannot be hers.
What is she born to?
To live in pain?
To hide all she yearns for?
She is as much worthy of honor and respect as him,
aren’t they both made out of love?
What then is she born to?
Of burden, of sorrow?

This poem was born out of one of the most random inspiration, I’ve been meaning to upload it for a long time now but somethings kept holding me back. As I was going through my poems today I though it’s high time to post it, do let me know how it is in the comment section below. 😊

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I’ve dreamt a thousand dreams
of the day the world will read my words,
the day I’ll be holding a book with my name,
a day I fill up my shelf with my own collection;
when the day finally got here,
I’m excited and anxious the same time.
It all feels surreal,
feels like I’ll wake up
to find it all gone.
This is real,
this is not a hallucination
nor a delusion;
feels like I’ve found my own
fairy God parents
in Rohit Bhatia and Promita Dey
with their little boutique house;
thank you for taking a chance on me,
for making the dreams of this dreamer come true.

This poem is dedicated to Rohit Bhatia and Promita Dey, owner of “The Little Hubooktique”; the sole reason my books been doing good so far is their dedictaion, constant support and involvement with their authors, it is by far the best decision I’ve taken when I choose their publication house for my debut book. They are both an inspiration to many and I am also very thrilled to announce that they have started their very own Literary E-Newspaper as well which was launched today itself, would love if you’d go there and check it out(A little secret, you’ll also find me there with something written about my book 😉). Show some love with the link below 👇


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