Picture taken by Khaan Vaiphei

Wandering souls left behind,

with none to remember them by,

no one to tell their stories,

till they came back to finish

an incomplete tale of a long time ago.

Everyone called them evil,

all feared,

dreading to pass that bridge

they seem to have made it home;

they meant no harm,

only wanted an ear that would listen,

of how they were sacrificed

to protect their loved ones.

Their stories were tainted with lies,

their families put to shame

for deeds they never did;

they were deceived,

by the corrupted lot;

not knowing the evil laid ahead for them.

Their sacrifice remains in vain,

till they came back to unfold the truth

to be heard one last time,

one that was silenced,

till their souls are put to ease.

The introvert writer © 2022

Published by

Daphny Aqua

A passionate writer who pours out her heart in her writtings.

54 thoughts on “THE HAUNTED BRIDGE”

  1. This is a painful and lovely poem, dear Daphny. It reminds me of the stories people create in their minds, versus the reality of what actually happened. Wonderful write, my dear friend. 🥰❤️

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    1. Ah, how truly said. Sometimes we humans tends to judge and create a worst case scenario which happens to far from the truth. Thank you so much dear Jeff, it is always an honor to read your kind words. 🥰❤️

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  2. So touching beautiful a narrative this is! I felt my tears hanging close, feeling the injustice that was done to these wonderful souls. You have captured their situation so well, dear. It is sad how people often try to hide the truth. Oh, i felt those departed souls grieving for the truth. 😢💗💗❤❤

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    1. Thank you so much dear Lam for your very kind and encouraging words, true the world judges very quickly without even knowing the truth while some others hide the truth ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. This is fascinating and brought to mind other ghost tales, most notably Tolkien’s Oathbreakers of Dunharrow (aka the Army of the Dead) whom Aragorn gathered to force them to fulfil their oath by fighting against Sauron’s army in The Lord of the Rings (although in this case, the Oathbreakers were cursed for an unfulfilled promise and were stranded in limbo until that promise was kept). What strikes me is that your poem can also apply to the living. So many people are harshly judged and maligned and made into pariahs through no fault of their own, and end up living on the periphery of humanity, almost like mortal ghosts. We all want the truth to be revealed and our names to be cleared so we can finally rest in peace. This is a really good piece, Daphny. I love that you have an active imagination that can embrace horror themes. So cool! 🙂

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    1. Aww.. This is so much incredible to read Mike, thank you so very much for your extremely kind words and I really loved your interpretation of this. It is so true that even the living have face so much from a mass of judgmental people who knows nothing but to pull down others, I do hope humanity is still alive somewhere out there. Thank you once again and horror has always fascinated me a lot. 😁🙂

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