What is self-love for you? How much does it mean to you?

To me self-love is treating myself right, accepting myself as I am all my imperfections included, and it means the world to me as I’ve been through that stage where I forgot to love myself and end up doubting myself to the point where it felt like I was of no use.

Is it selfish to love oneself according to you? Because I’ve been called selfish recently when I choose my happiness and sanity over someone. Does that make me a narcissist? The debate of this is un-ending, but there is a thin line between loving yourself and becoming a narcissist.

While narcissist thinks the world revolve around them and feel the need or the power to control others in order to stay happy, self-love is simply a love for oneself, it doesn’t make you proud, boastful, or envious instead it makes you patient, more understanding of others and overall, a better person.

People often interprets self-love as selfishness which I think is a misconception on their part, self-love is simply self-acceptance, accepting your insecurities, your imperfections and treating yourself right. In life you can’t please everyone, there will be situations where its you or someone else who’s bound to be disappointed or hurt and those times choosing yourself isn’t a crime. Some people might call you selfish that time for putting your happiness above theirs and that accusation according to me is an attempt of manipulation, an emotional blackmail to guilt you for their happiness. Society isn’t of a great help either when they scrutinize your every movement not knowing what you might be going through and how hard it must have been for you.

Choosing to love yourself is not selfish but it is something we need to practice more as I think somewhere along the line we forget to do so while trying to please others. This often leads to having doubts on ourselves and also the root of most of our insecurities. I’d simply like to add be yourself and be true to who you are. Accept yourself with all your flaws, give yourself a chance and start treating yourself right.

 I have a short poem for you as well on self-love, have fun reading.

Always love yourself but not to the point you turn to be a narcissist, respect and spread love to others along the way as well.

Happy readings 🙃

The introvert writer © 2021

Published by

Daphny Aqua

A passionate writer who pours out her heart in her writtings.

37 thoughts on “SELF LOVE”

  1. Thanks. Sorry about lying to you. Self acceptance is what I wrote about today/yesterday. Then I heard more about it in that online group. I like it because they don’t care what your addictions/behaviors are/were, they encourage you not to say. Just what is happening now and how to help. It seems almost everyone is working on the same issues. Now you write about it.

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    1. Wait what exactly have you lied to me about? 🤨 We all have our struggles accepting ourselves as we are at some point I guess, I’m just glad I learn it early on before its too late and I hope you reach that point as well someday 💝🤗


      1. I went missing for a few days and you asked if I was okay. I said, oh ya, fantastic. I just don’t like anyone worrying about me. I think I will be. Every time I look into “how do I work on doing (whatever)” I’m already doing most of the right things. I just need practice.

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  2. Daphny. Whether you do or you don’t others will have something to say. But you know what, that’s their business.
    Your business is staying true to yourself. Stay the course. Do what’s right for you. You’re a jewel already. Don’t let other’s perceptions taint you.
    You are no narcissist and we know it.
    Sending you healing vibes. Turn off the noise that comes from others.
    Be well. Here’s looking at you.

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    1. Thank you so much Selma ❣️🥰 Your words and positivity really keeps me goin ❤️ I guess it was part of life lesson I had to go through so I can know my true value but its all behind now 🤗


  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Your commentary on self love versus selfishness is exactly so. The most compassionate thing a human can do is take care of themselves and love themselves, as, it is inside of the acts of caring for the self, where caring for others arises. When people cast aspirations about being selfish for taking care of oneself, they are merely projecting their insecurity and internal confusion onto us. I love this post, and adore your poem. Have a beautiful day, Daphny. ❤️🤗🦋

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  4. I concur, dear Daphny. The beginning of love is loving oneself. If we love ourself first, we acquire enough love in our hearts to be able to spread to others. How? If you love yourself for instance, you will hate every bad thing that may want to come to you to destroy your life. In turn, you will be also be able to spot any bad things that may destroy other people’s lives and warn them. Isn’t that love? After all, we cannot render advices over what we’ve had no encounter with. It’s only after you’ve been faced with a problem that you handled well in a bid to protect your life that you can then advise someone on how to tackle a similar problem. If we hate ourselves, we’ll be too hurt and too robbed of our happiness to have any left to spread. We needa be happy, feel nicer, improve, safe first to be able to share these and many more with others. 👏💖❤

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