I lost my way,
blaming You all over again,
I never could understand why
life put me through hell;
I tried and prayed but I couldn’t,
I didn’t know what to say,
so I cried my heart’s content,
not knowing You were listening all along.
You gave me a reason to go on,
showed me the reason
of my unanswered prayers,
al the bigger plans You laid out for me
when I was on the verge of breaking down;
You showed me see how strong I am.
I was a lost child,
I have been lost a thousand times,
yet You never gave up on me,
finding me each time,
leading me back home to You over again.

It is a week of Easter, a time when Jesus died for us washing our sins away and rising up from the dead to go ahead and make a place for us in Heaven and I am more than glad to put up this post today as many in times in life we get lost yet He comes to find us bringing us back to Him once more. Wishing you all a Happy Easter in advance. ❤️

Happy readings 🙃

The introvert writer © 2022

Published by

Daphny Aqua

A passionate writer who pours out her heart in her writtings.

48 thoughts on “THE LOST CHILD”

  1. This is encouraging, dear. I’m glad you took up fortitude and resilient as helpful tools through it all. You’re a wonderful person, and your presence here means a lot to me, and I know to others too. Keep shining and never allow the past to slow you down. Happy Easter too, dear. You’re the best. ❤❤🌷

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    1. Thank you so much dearest, oh how sweet of you to say really made my day and smile much wider. Yes the weight of the past needs to go for good 😊 Thank you so much, I really value you and your presence 🥰💝💞❤️


  2. A wonderful affirmation that centers on faith on something bigger than ourselves. Thanks for showing this. He is there for us. Lovely words. Lovely picture. Thanks for sharing. + Happy Easter. +

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  3. I’m late in responding here, but this post is so deep and beautiful and can only come from a heart which has known both pain and redemption. I know well the feeling of being lost and abandoned. Your message here is so hopeful and powerful. Wonderfully written by a wonderful soul, Daphny. I hope you had a good Easter. 🙂

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    1. You know what they say better late than never Mike 🤗
      Aww.. Thank you so very much, your kind words always encourages me and inspires to keep on writing. Yes I had a great Easter, I hope yours was a blessed one as well. 🙂

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