Book review part 1/3

Hello guys, hope your weeks been lovely! Mine is still a roller coaster ride hence the continuous book reviews, yes I read to calm myself down and while doing so I thought why not give it a review as well; it’s always nice to help out a fellow author and make their books reach out to more audience. 😊

Reminder, this books are all part of Writeathon 3.0, a 31 days writing challenge (except one trilogy book) by The Little Hubooktique which later is turned into a book either paperback or ebook.

  1. Pillow of thoughts by Aarushi Sharma (4.9/5)

This book is a collection of 31 poems and as the author said “When at 3am, a thought strikes you, and you’re left with nothing but tears and, of course, a countless thoughts.”; reading her book truly give that vibe of a sleepless 3am thoughts. I do have to say the author has a perfect rhyme scheme through out and I applaud her for that as rhymes and me don’t do so well haha… Her poem “One day” is a beautiful reflection of a past lover and I think it quite resonates with everyone; “I close my eyes to dream of you” is a perfect 3am thought, I mean don’t we all do that? 😜 “My imperfections” resonates with me a lot, felt like the author spoke my mind and “To whoever needs to hear this” I really needed to hear that, thank you. All in all I love reading through this beautiful collection by the poet, I’d rate it 4.9/5 and I highly recommend you to give it a read.

2. Eliciting the truth by Shreejita Francis (4.9/5)

This book consist of 31 different short stories and they are some thought provoking one’s; from ” Travel diary of a curious girl” which gives us a travel plan for ourselves as well to “Story of India is the story of caste” which gives us a glimpse of how the caste system still continues in India(Sadly); I really love “The miracle of believing” and as the scripture says also part of this chapter and one that impressed both ,e and the author; “Mark 11:24 Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be removed and cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things he says shall come to pass. He shall have whatsoever he says.” truly if you believe than as the Bible says, you can move the mountains. Reading this book will intrigue you as much as it intrigued me that I am sure so so I’d very much be glad if you give this beautiful piece a read and of course I’d rate this 4.9/5.

3. Life is beautiful 24×7 by Shazia Atteque (4.8/5)

The name of this book itself is a ray of sunshine amongst all darkness and the author really did justice to it; in this world where negativity surrounds us 24×7 the author is quite an optimist making us lost in her 31 beautiful collection of poetries and making us see the beauty of life 24×7. I personally love “The ode to Nepal” makes mew want to visit and hopefully I will one day; “A tragedy that shaped me” was a powerful one, our so call society who keeps taunting us for our flaws needs to be called out and we definitely need to turn deaf ears to those making ourselves rise above. The positivity remains vibrant though out the whole book and I’m sure you’d love to get lost in this book; I’ll give it 4.8/5.

4. Unadulting by Sanaa Mehra (4.7/5)

This book contains 31 different short stories and are all based on un-adulting, but what really is un-adulting? Un-adulting are moments where to finally say goodbye to your teenage self, where you have to start all over again, either away from home or home itself. The stories reminds me of my college days where we really hoped our study days gets over soon but then the haunting for job after that is much more dreadful, still on the un-adulting phase myself. 😅 The author truly did an amazing job in all her stories and I would very recommend you to read this one, I’ll rate it 4.7/5.

Pata Nahi by Chavi Jain (4.7/5)

Pata nahi when translated to English literally means “Do not know”; this book is a collection of 31 poems where the author pours out her feelings that is unknown to her as well. Through this book you’ll learn a lot of the limitations you set on yourself by saying Pata nahi and will also make you realize that there are many more beyond your knowledge. I’d recommend this book only to the one’s who can read and understand Hindi as the whole book is written in Hindi language; I’d rate it 4.7/5.

Just once by Krisha Parekh (4.8/5)

This book is the story of Kathya Arora containing 31 different stories of bits of her life, her birth, success and failures, scars, love and goodbyes; I am amazed as I read through it and how brilliantly the author connects every chapter which is not really an easy job given it was a part of a writing challenge with 31 prompts. My most favorite was “Love you Zindagi” it was all part of acceptance of life and acknowledging the one’s close to your heart before you start the new chapter of your life. I would very much recommend you to read this and trust me you won’t regret it, I’ll give it 4.8/5.

Sorcerer of Lemuria by Prasanna KV

This is a trilogy book and not a part of the writing challenge, it contains of only 12 short but intriguing chapters, solely based on fantasy. In each chapter you’ll find new plots and different twist which creates a suspense for the readers. The illustration of the book as a whole is another level and if like me a good plot with different twist and turns that makes you eager, sleepless to turn on to the next page that you’ll absolutely love reading this book and I’d highly recommend it. I’ll rate this book 5/5 as it made this thriller lover very happy.

All this books are available on Amazon, Kindle, Google Play and Google books.

Happy readings 🙃

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