Book Review Part 1/1

Hi there amazing people! Hope your week so far has been good, mine has been a roller coaster of emotions. So to calm myself down I started reading some books and till next week I’ll be doing some book reviews, hope you find one you love among this beautiful collections or all of it even sounds better. ๐Ÿ˜

  1. Frozen Bytes by Aurora Bluemoon (4.8/5)

Frozen Bytes is a collection of 31 poems, the name of book itself is quite fascinating for me and I think it is a clever one chosen by the author. All the poems have different emotions and in every word are different emotions. Two of my personal favorites are “Aroma of beans” since I’m a coffee lover and also while reading through it the poet makes me make myself a cup of coffee which is a great sign. ๐Ÿ˜„ The other one is “Reframe thy history” which has some thought provoking words in it, here are some lines from this poem that I loved most “Create your own definition, hardships doesn’t mean that you are doomed”, “recollect you frozen memories, of what you have experienced, on your path towards happily ever after”. Over all I rate this book 4.8/5 and I’d recommend you to read as I find the authors imagery quite unique and interesting.

Note: All the books are products of 31 days writing challenge which after the challenge are turned into solo books by The Little Hubooktique, you can also be a part of it as well. The production house is very involved with all their authors and is always there to push you, support, encourage and also help you out whenever required.

2. Cake Walk by B. Raj Kumar (4.7/5)

Cake Walk is also a collection of 31 poems where the author captures his memories all good and bad crafting it to beautiful words. As I read through the poems it was like watching his life through a screen, I was right there nodding along while reading his poem “What is home to you?”, smiling along in “A travel diary”, salivating as he describes his wife’s home made South-Indian Pongal in “Food is a way to your heart” and with a heavy heart read “A tragedy that shaped you” I am only glad that in the end the bad days are gone. I’ll rate this book 4.7/5, I’m sure you’d love reading this one as it all feels so much relatable and the author has a good sense of humor as well, let me add one last thing he rhymes his poems to perfection.

3. Rhythm and muse by Kamakshi Venugopal (4.9/5)

This book is a collection of 31 short stories, as I began reading this one I can’t help but hum along as I read “Seasons in the sun” which I think did justice to the name of the book which is “Rhythm and muse” after all. ๐Ÿ˜ (The song I hum along is not Seasons in the sun by Westlife, it is a totally different one which you’ll find out for yourself when you read the book although I’m listening to Westlife’s song after this. ๐Ÿ™ƒ) By the way this chapter is quite an emotional one. “Shape of my heart” is a very retable one as we all know what went down during the beginning of the pandemic, I’d personally rate this chapter 10/10 as I’ve learn so much reading it and it is one that helps you heal. Can I tell you a secret? You’ll find me in one of this chapters as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d rate this book 4.9/5, I think the author did a wonderful job in creating 31 different stories where each and every emotions are on point. This book is a must read, I’m sure you’ll keep humming along like me throughout.

4. Unboxing new chapters by Disha Dave (4.9/5)

This book consist of 31 short stories, starting from the first chapter the author got my full attention as it was one filled with a journey of healing and self love which is really important and she nailed that to perfection. I can so much relate to her as I read “Food is a way to your heart” and I can’t help but love as I read the lines “Instead of spending my money on beauty, I will 100% spent it on food for the rest of my life” cos that is exactly how I am. ๐Ÿ˜„ I’ll rate this book 4.9/5, the book is very motivating and if you are going through phases of your life where you find no inspiration or simply depressed or at the peek of anxiety I’d recommend, trust me by the end of it your spark will return and your you’ll look forward to life even more than before.

5. The treasured words of life by Ishita Ray

This book is a collection of 31 poems written by a young poet who seems so much more matured then her age, reading through her poems are thought provoking and indeed does justice to the name of her book “The treasured words of life”. Some of my personal favorite’s are “Humans and emotions”, “The unfading afflatuses” and “What home is to you?”. This young poet is very expressive and you’d be surprised by her imagery. I’ll rate this book 4.6/5, do grab your copy and brace yourself to be surprised by the profound choices of words by the author.

All the books are available at Amazon, Kindle, Google Books and Google Play.

This is all for today, see you soon in few days with another book review. Stay tuned and till then happy readings to all. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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