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I’ve dreamt a thousand dreams
of the day the world will read my words,
the day I’ll be holding a book with my name,
a day I fill up my shelf with my own collection;
when the day finally got here,
I’m excited and anxious the same time.
It all feels surreal,
feels like I’ll wake up
to find it all gone.
This is real,
this is not a hallucination
nor a delusion;
feels like I’ve found my own
fairy God parents
in Rohit Bhatia and Promita Dey
with their little boutique house;
thank you for taking a chance on me,
for making the dreams of this dreamer come true.

This poem is dedicated to Rohit Bhatia and Promita Dey, owner of “The Little Hubooktique”; the sole reason my books been doing good so far is their dedictaion, constant support and involvement with their authors, it is by far the best decision I’ve taken when I choose their publication house for my debut book. They are both an inspiration to many and I am also very thrilled to announce that they have started their very own Literary E-Newspaper as well which was launched today itself, would love if you’d go there and check it out(A little secret, you’ll also find me there with something written about my book 😉). Show some love with the link below 👇


Happy readings 🙃

The introvert writer © 2022

Published by

Daphny Aqua

A passionate writer who pours out her heart in her writtings.


  1. Adding the title “Author” to your resume is SO awesome! A wonderful feeling indeed. We KNOW how much time and effort go into that finished work.
    Congratulations and keep writing my blogger friend!

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  2. Dreams DO come true–you’ve proven it. I’m so happy for you, Daphny. This poem is wonderful and heartfelt. I can’t wait to see what you do next in your creative endeavors. 🙂

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