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Life as most sees is black and white
but to me it is much more than that;
to me it is a roller coaster
filled with variety of colors:
like black and white makes grey,
red and blue makes purple.
Childhood is a color of yellow,
bright as the sun,
filled with positivity;
then comes red for the teenage days,
full of energy and rage,
green for the young adults,
a calmer time,
time focused solely for the future,
a time of prosper;
white for the season of love,
where a vow you take for better or worst
till death do us part;
followed by blue,
as fast as the ocean their love blooms,
a family of their own they build;
finally, all the colors of rainbow
to remember one by
for all the lights they shed throughout their life.

#Random thoughts, random inspiration

Hi all! Hope you had an amazing week and doing well, just wanted to let you know I that you won’t be seeing me for the next 4-5 days as I’m flying down to another state to visit my sister, till then take care. See you all next week, have a lovely weekend. 😊❀️

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