Today’s blog is dedicated to my childhood friend Kevin who left us 5 years back, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lal! This one’s for you. ❣

(L) Kevin Lalminthang (13.09.1994 – 15.10.2016)

Time stood still when I heard of your passing,
I went numb not knowing what to do.
It felt like an illusion,
but was a nightmare that came true.
You were simply the rare kind,
a friend and a brother to me.
Your list of 10 crushes,
I had my fun teasing you for it.
You were a friend with no complaints,
even when I tied a bow on your head
or pricked your finger for my lab practice.
Our friendship was meant to last a lifetime,
but death’s cold hand has no mercy.
So many memories we made
yet I yearn for more to remember you by.
I hope you found your peace,
a peace this world failed to give you.
Years have passed by without your presence,
but memories of you are still fresh.
I’m glad I got to call you a friend.
Dear friend, you are always missed
and you’ll be in our hearts forever.

The introvert writer © 2021

Published by

Daphny Aqua

A passionate writer who pours out her heart in her writtings.

36 thoughts on “TRIBUTE TO A FRIEND”

  1. How precious, Daphny. Pretty sure Kevin knew all this even before you wrote it. And now that you’ve written and shared it, he’s smiling at you.
    Thanks for sharing this tender moment with me. Receive a hug. Be well. Kevin would want it that way.
    … because the way you felt about him, that’s the way he feels even now about you.
    … and those pictures. Oh my. Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mmm… not even in a single thought. Take heart. We have an assurance that one day, ultimately, we’ll meet our departed folks who died in Christ in another resplendent town. And we hold dearly to it. ❤💖💐

        Liked by 1 person

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